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Responsible for Everything

Reel Breakdown

1. In Danger - "Barely There" Thesis Film Sequence

Dynamic camera movement including camera shake to illustrate the intensity of the situation when the bear encounters the hunter. Birds eye view for the hunter when the character becomes completely vulnerable.

2. Following the Tracks - "Barely There" Thesis Film Sequence

Stay in Bear's perspective to emphasize the hope when he find out mama bear's footprints and stay with character by using camera tracking.

3. Ending/The Truth - "Barely There" Thesis Film Sequence

Extreme long shot to convey the time passing, and putting the audience more as an observer as a third person. Audience knows what character doesn't know. Camera pull out to reveal the truth of Mama bear's state.  


4. Villain Intro - "Barely There" Thesis Film Sequence

Emphasis the mysterious, vague, and scary mood of villain's character by not revealing entire character. Keeping the low angle to subtly maintain the bear's empathy while giving more power to hunter. Emphasizing the hunter's fearful mood by using lower focal length (25~30) to push the perspective with slight distortion.

5. Opening - "Barely There" Thesis Film Sequence  

Main bear character introduction. Close up on the main character's face and using character's POV to empathize with character’s emotion. Camera level always on bear's eye.

6. Animation show case - "Error"

Push Pull based animation to show physics and character acting.

Flat staging for the clear communication of silhouette and movement. 

Flat Portfolio